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Helping Hospitality Students Transition from Campus to Career

20 February 2024

Heading into a career right after college can be a daunting task for many graduates, especially transitioning from academic classes to the professional world. That comes with its own set of challenges, and having connections set ahead of time can make all the difference. As undergraduates look ahead toward the transition from student to professional, the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI) can help. The association has created countless hospitality industry resources — including a new program – ADMEI Campus To Career – designed to help hospitality students experience an easier transition from campus to career.


The new ADMEI Campus To Career program aims to be a catalyst for the growth and excellence of the Destination Management and special events industry, creating global connective opportunities for graduating college students enrolled in hospitality tracks in their respective universities.   This program not only addresses the unique needs of graduating students, it also provides them with the opportunities and resources they need to thrive in the dynamic events and Destination Management industry including:

Mentorship Opportunities

This program will facilitate the pairing of graduates with experienced professionals in the field, providing enrollees with invaluable insights, advice, and support — from job searching tips to navigating challenging moments at work to sharing their expertise. This mentorship fosters a sense of community and allows graduates to navigate the challenges of the industry with confidence and build connections that will last a lifetime in their career.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is key in the events and Destination Management industry. ADMEI's program recognizes this and provides participants with ample networking opportunities. Through industry conferences, workshops, and webinars, participants can connect with seasoned professionals, potential employers, and like-minded peers, building a strong professional network.

Internship Placements

To further enhance practical skills and learn best practices, ADMEI will facilitate matching graduating students to opportunities for internships and/or job opportunities with participating Destination Management Companies (DMCs). This hands-on experience allows students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, gaining confidence and a competitive edge in the job market.

Continuous Professional Development

ADMEI's commitment to its participants extends beyond the initial transition from campus to career. ADMEI provides continuous professional development, keeping graduates and seasoned professionals updated on industry trends and best practices. By staying engaged with ADMEI, graduates will remain competitive and adaptable throughout their careers, allowing them to achieve even greater success.


ADMEI provides up to two Linda Thompson Memorial Scholarships each year that help undergraduate hospitality students continue to succeed in their education. In addition to a $2,500 award, the scholarship includes a free ADMEI Annual Conference registration as well as airfare and hotel assistance.  Recipients have an opportunity to network with leading DMCs from around the globe during the 2.5-day conference. 

The application process runs from 1 November - 31 October each year. The 2024 scholarships have been awarded, and winners will be celebrated during ADMEI’s Conference in Atlanta on February 22-24, 2024. The new application period is open, and 2025 applicants are encouraged to apply. 


The ADMEI Campus to Career program can be a game-changer for the way hospitality students prepare for their future.  With ADMEI partnering with colleges and universities to integrate specialized curriculum on events and Destination Management, hospitality students gain valuable insights into post-graduation career paths. In addition, the program provides DMCs with toolkits to offer internships and immersive 'day in the life' experiences, providing students with hands-on learning opportunities essential for success in the industry.

Denise Malo, DMCP, ADMEI President-Elect, is especially passionate about educating the next generation of hospitality professionals.

"The ADMEI Campus To Career program is a vital step towards bridging the gap between academia and industry experience. By providing educational resources, internships, and job opportunities, we're not only nurturing the next generation of Destination Management professionals but also strengthening the foundation of our industry." 

The hospitality industry is experience-driven, and ADMEI is designing its Campus To Career program to give future industry professionals every opportunity to gain the experience and knowledge to better their position in Destination Management. More information about the Campus to Career program will be available soon. Keep an eye out for updates.

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