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ADMC Reaffirmation

The ADMC accreditation requires annual maintenance.   That maintenance is either in the form of a Reaffirmation or a Renewal.   For two years after earning accredited status, an ADMC must Reaffirm that all of the information provided is still true.   In the third year after earning accreditation, an ADMC must complete a Renewal form and submit documentation.    (Visit ADMC Renewal to learn more about how the Renewal process works.)

ADMC Reaffirmation Process

An accredited DMC will pay an annual maintenance fee of $250 ($500 for non-members) that will be detailed and included in their annual membership dues invoice.

In order to maintain accreditation, an ADMC must also complete a form annually.    In the first and second year after accreditation, an ADMC will complete a Reaffirmation form and submit a copy of their COI.  A Reaffirmation form "reaffirms" that the original information provided is still true.  A notice will be sent to each ADMC about the submission.  ADMCs that fail to submit the form or pay the fee will be out of compliance and will be in jeopardy of losing their accreditation.

A Renewal form is completed in the third year after accreditation - Visit the ADMC Renewal Process page to learn more.  This cycle (Reaffirm, Reaffirm, Renew) will continue as long as accreditation is held.   These processes are in place to ensure that the ADMC is still in compliance with all current standards.

  • Reaffirmation notice is sent to ADMC in July
  • ADMC must complete the Reaffirmation form and pay the annual fee
  • Submit current Certificate of Insurance to ADMEI

Notice of Name Change, Transfer of Ownership, and/or Acquisition/Merger/Sale

Accredited DMCs are required to promptly notify the Commission regarding any information that reflects significant changed circumstance in the business, eligibility, geographic scope, corporate status or structure, insurance, financial, or any other information that is modified from that provided to the Commission with the initial application or renewal form, including but not limited to change of name, transfer of ownership, or the merger, consolidation, or acquisition/sale of the DMC (see Change of Ownership form below).  Such notice does not imply automatic transfer of Accreditation.

Revocation of Accreditation Status

Accreditation may be subject to revocation for the following reasons:

  1. The DMC has made a material misstatement on the application or in any representation to the Commission, whether intentional or unintentional
  2. The DMC no longer meets one or more of the ADMC Program Standards
  3. Non-payment of annual accreditation maintenance fees.

No DMC's accreditation shall be revoked unless the accredited company is first notified of the Commission's intent to review its status in a manner that delivery of such notice can be validated, and the reason for which the organization's accreditation is being reviewed.  The DMC will be given thirty (30) days to correct the problems that the Commission identifies as jeopardizing the DMC's accredited status.  If, in the Commission's determination, the problems have not been corrected after thirty (30) days, accreditation will be revoked.  This decision may be appealed to the DMC Accreditation Appeals Committee.  The company may reapply for accreditation no less than twelve (12) months after the date of the revocation of accreditation or at any time thereafter.

If an ADMC knowingly falls out of compliance with the ADMC program standards during its accreditation period, the DMC must notify ADMEI.  The DMC will be given sixty (60) days to correct the problem, and the procedure will continue as described in the above paragraph. Failure to notify ADMEI under such circumstances may result in revocation of accreditation.

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