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Continuing Education

Carol Norfleet Continuing Education Scholarship

Carol Norfleet was a powerhouse in her field and was a gifted teacher.  Carol’s coaching enabled so many people in our industry to further their careers. Carol was passionate about helping people add industry certifications and the coveted initials after our names.  Carol was instrumental in building the DMCP certification process and she led countless study sessions for candidates for their DMCP and CMP.  Her passion was evident, and her teaching skills were solid.  She made the information fun and relevant.

To honor this incredible woman and carry her memory forward ADMEI has established a scholarship fund.  With the help of all those she touched we will raise money for scholarships that will help individuals further their hospitality careers.  This is not limited to ADMEI’s DMCP, and may be used for CMP, CMM, CIS, CITE, CSEP, STA, CEM, CTC or CMS.  Please make this a vibrant part of our future as Carol was a vibrant part of our past!

ADMEI is developing and will soon launch a fundraising campaign.  For more information contact

Carol Norfleet, MBA, CMP, DMCP
Carol Norfleet, MBA, CMP, DMCP
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