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Board of Directors

ADMEI's Board of Directors manages the affairs of the association and serves as its governing body. The primary focus of the Board is to adopt policies and programming that will provide unsurpassed knowledge and information to the Destination Management industry while insuring the fiscal health of the organization.

2022 Board of Directors

* Denotes Executive Committee

Jeff Nelke, DMCP

Acting VP - Finance

ACCESS Destination Services - South Florida
Hollywood, FL USA

Lonise Carey, MHA, DMCP

Island Destination Serivces, a DMC Network Company, Nassau, Bahamas

Ashley Armstrong, CMP

VP - Adminstration*
Co-Director - Education
factor 110 | Destination Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, OK USA

Denise Malo, DMCP

VP - Strategic Projects*
Director - Communications
BBC Destination Management, a Global DMC Partner
New Orleans, LA USA

Lorenzo Pignatti, DMCP

Immediate Past President*
TERRAEVENTS Italy, a DMC Network Company
Milano, Italy

Daniella Bikoulis, DMCP, CIS

Co-Director - Education
Metropolitan DMC & Event Management
Athens, Greece

Deidre Everdij

Director - Awards
COTC Events
Dania Beach, FL USA

Katherine Kirk Fenech

Director - Membership
Chicago Is ... A Global DMC Partner
Chicago, IL USA

Jamie Hellesen, DMCP

Director - Conference
Corinthian Events, a DMC Network Company
Boston, MA USA

Katelyn Petrillo, DMCP

Boston, MA USA

Jack Scafide

Director - Sponsorships
CORT Events
Woodridge, IL USA

John Williams

Director - Scholarships
American Guest
New York, NY USA

Val Delaney

Executive Vice President

Lisa DeGolyer

Executive Vice President


Presidential Handovers

Each year, ADMEI's new President is welcomed into office during the ADMEI Annual Conference.  In 2020, with the help of our friends at SongDivision, ADMEI began a tradition of handing over the presidency in a musical fashion.

2022 - Boston, MA USA

Outgoing President - Lorenzo Pignatti, DMCP
Incoming President - Jeff Nelke, DMCP
Artist - Benji Harris, SongDivision

2021 - Virtual

Outgoing President - Alaina Tobar, DMCP
Incoming President - Lorenzo Pignatti, DMCP
Artist - Benji Harris, SongDivision

2020 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Outgoing President - Robert Lee, DMCP
Incoming President - Alaina Tobar, DMCP
Artist - Benji Harris, SongDivision

Past Presidents

ADMEI Past Presidents

We honor the Destination Management professionals that have served as president of the Association of Destination Management Executives International:

2021 Lorenzo Pignatti, DMCP
2020 Alaina Tobar, DMCP
2019 Robert Lee, DMCP
2018 Marty MacKay, DMCP
2017 Brian Ferrell, DMCP, CMP
2016 David Rome, DMCP, CMP
2015 Bent Hadler, DMCP, CIS
2014 Jennifer Patino, DMCP
2013 Liz Keyser, DMCP, CMP
2012 Grant Snider, DMCP
2011 Susan Gray, DMCP
2010 Kevin Brewer, DMCP
2009 Nicole Marsh, DMCP, CMP
2008 Rhonda Marko, DMCP, CMP, CMM
2007 Ilene Reinhart, DMCP, CMP
2006 Susan Henderson, DMCP, CMP
2005 Pat Schauman, DMCP, CSEP, CMP
2004 Sam Thompson, DMCP
2003 Lex Lyon
2002 Terry Epton, DMCP
2001 Terry Epton, DMCP
2000 Pam Graham, DMCP
1999 Ellis Frater, Jr., DMCP
1998 Chris Lee, DMCP
1997 Chris Lee, DMCP
1996 Joanne O'Connor

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