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ADMC Application

Becoming an accredited DMC is a process.  It includes completing an application, paying a fee, and submitting documentation.

Think you might qualify as an ADMC but not sure?  Let us walk you through the application process to see if you are eligible.   We are here to help!  Contact to set up a time to meet.   Or, call +1-512-551-0407.

Please use the following guidance in regard to earning the ADMC organizational credential.

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Step 1 - Complete the ADMC Application


ADMC Application
DMC must be in business for at least five (5) years.

Application Fee
Annual ADMC Fee
$   550.00 $   250.00 $   800.00
$ 1,100.00 $   500.00 $ 1,600.00


ADMC Application - Fast Track
A DMC may "fast track" if it has been in business for at least 3 years and is owned or was started as an expansion office by an existing ADMC in good standing.

Application Fee
Annual ADMC Fee
$   800.00 $   250.00 $ 1,050.00
$ 1,600.00 $   500.00 $ 2,100.00

The application form is fairly detailed and includes:

  1. Contact information for primary contact, chief operating officer, etc.
  2. Operational Status Information
  3. Corporate Status of the DMC
  4. Scope of DMC Activities

Step 2 - Documentation

The following required documents must then be uploaded to ADMEI via a form.

Document Submission Guidelines:

  • Documents should all be in PDF format.
  • Submit current documents within 30 days of submitting application.
  • Document Nomenclature - Use the item number and the bold words in each of the items below followed by the DMC name.  (i.e. 1. Articles of Incorporation - XYZ Company)

Review Process

The application and the supporting documents are reviewed by staff and then sent out for review by the Commission.   To ensure confidentiality and no bias, independent ADMC Commissioners are appointed to review each ADMC application.   If the Commission approves, the DMC will have earned ADMC status.

ADMC Maintenance

Once a DMC has earned accreditation, an annual maintenance fee of $250 will be billed along with your membership.  (The non-member annual maintenance fee is $500.)  Also each year, ADMCs will provide either a completed Reaffirmation application or a Renewal application, depending on the year of accreditation.   A sample cycle is provided below.

  • Year accreditation was earned (e.g. 2022)
  • Year 1 (e.g. 2023) – Reaffirmation application (reaffirming that everything originally submitted is still true)
  • Year 2 (e.g. 2024) – Reaffirmation application (reaffirming that everything originally submitted is still true)
  • Year 3 (e.g. 2025) – Renewal application plus the updated required documents that were submitted with the initial application.

This cycle continues as long as ADMC status is held.   ADMEI sends reminders to each ADMC to Reaffirm / Renew each year.   Failure to pay the fee or complete the appropriate application will put an ADMC out of compliance.

If at any time there is a change in ownership, a Change of Ownership application will need to be completed. ($125) This is similar to a Reaffirmation but captures the necessary changes that have occurred.

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