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Donor Wall

2023 - 2024 Donors

The Linda Thompson Memorial Scholarship and the Carol Norfleet Continuing Education Award are both made possible thanks to the generosity of the following DMCs and DMC professionals who have provided their support.   ADMEI is grateful to everyone who supports these two scholarships!

TY donors2
HS Thompson BW2

Linda Thompson

Norfleet BW

Carol Norfleet

$1000 - $1500

Katherine Fenech
Brian Ferrell DMCP
Lonise Carey DMCP
Accent Indy, a DMC Network Company


$250 - $999

LEO Events
Larry Huttinger DMCP CMP
Michelle Castady DMCP
Angie Weigel DMCP
BBC Events, A Global DMC Partner
Connect Event Group
Deidre Everdij
Destination Puerto Rico, a DMC Network Company
Laurie Sprouse DMCP CITE CMP


$40 - $249

Candace Bisconte DMCP
Kris Shea DMCP
Tim Covell DMCP
Ultimate Ventures, a DMC Network Company
Denise Malo DMCP
Maoreen Every DMCP CIS CITP
Meg Baird DMCP CMP
Michael Farrell

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