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Virtual Course Agenda

This course retains its highly-rated attendee interaction and work groups while delivering the same great content and collaboration to your desktop.  The course is delivered across 2 days.  Attendees are required to attend all sessions to earn the Certificate of Preparedness.

Video call business people meeting on virtual workplace or remote office. Telework conference call using smart video technology to communicate colleague in professional corporate business.

EPCP Virtual Course Agenda

Day 1 - 4 hours

Introductions and Course Overview
Current Emergency Plan Status

Session 1:  Emergency Planning - Overview of emergency planning and steps to build an effective plan:

  • Building a Team
  • Assessing Risk
  • Identifying Threats / Mitigation

Group Exercises:  Scenarios Part 1


Session 2:  Risk Assessment - How to conduct a vulnerability and risk assessment.

  • Theory behind a risk assessment
  • Relationship between Severity & Likelihood
  • Use of tool for calculating event risk both before and after applying mitigation measures.

Group Exercises:  Scenarios Part II



Day 2 - 4 hours

Recap previous day, Follow up Q&A

Session 3: Medical Duty of Care - How to satisfy Duty of Care as it relates to the health of meeting and event attendees.  Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Medical Duty of Care
  • Assessing Medical Risk
  • Mitigating Medical Risk
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Attendee Health Issues - a Look at Statistics
  • Destination Risk Assessment
  • Pre-Con Medical Check List
  • Special Considerations
  • Privacy Health Security
  • Liability Issues
  • When to Consider On-Site Medical Support

Group Exercises:  Scenarios Part III


Session 4:  Risk Mitigation - Security measures to mitigate hazards and risks, reducing vulnerabilities, and responding to emergency incidents.

Handouts Review

Course Wrap-up, Final Q&A

* Tentative/Subject to Change

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