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Mentor Program

The ADMEI Mentor Program is a member benefit created to give new members and conference attendees a personalized transition into the organization. Mentors act as guides and confidants to assist new members with becoming involved within the ADMEI culture.  From offering expertise on attending the ADMEI conference, to getting involved with committees, to setting goals and assisting with learning new skills, the Mentor acts as the guide and key resource to the Mentee.

The program pairs "first timers" with ADMEI member mentors within similar fields of hospitality, thus, allowing them to embrace and feel fully supported by the ADMEI organization.  Mentors have been ADMEI members for two or more years. Quarterly meetings take place via email, phone, video call, or in person. During the annual ADMEI Conference, Mentors also act as hosts for their Mentees at key functions.

happy business team at international conference

Why Participate in the Mentor Program?

This program is beneficial for both Mentor and Mentee in terms of industry success.

Mentees have a reliable contact for all things related to ADMEI; someone who can help narrow the focus of how to grow and thrive within the ADMEI organization. This access to a seasoned industry professional in a similar field will be helpful with gaining industry knowledge, discovering best practices, and enhancing professional development.

Mentors gain the unique satisfaction of providing a meaningful and positive impact by sharing their expertise with others in their field. They have the opportunity to leave their mark while helping grow and expand the ADMEI organization for future members.

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