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Emergency Preparedness


ADMEI's Emergency Preparedness Certificate Program (EPCP) is an 8 hour course developed in collaboration with global leaders in security, intelligence, training, law, and investigative services.

Throughout the course, attendees participate in group exercises encouraging problem solving from different industry perspectives. Sessions include Emergency Planning, Risk Assessment, Medical Duty of Care, Risk Mitigation.  In addition, attendees receive a variety of tools/handouts to customize for their use.

Duty of Care is a core responsibility for meeting professionals. This principle requires planners to ensure the safety and well-being of attendees. The most likely threat to attendees at a meeting or event is an unexpected medical emergency. Yet many times, very little effort is spent on preparing for such an event. In addition, other health-related issues can impact attendee engagement and business continuity.

This course, focused on global strategies, helps develop emergency & risk management specialists within attendee’s company.

Standard Costs

(View upcoming courses for any special offerings)

In-person Course
$585 USD   ADMEI Members
$650 USD   Non-Members

Live Virtual Course
$399 USD  ADMEI Members
$475 USD  Non-Members

Who Should Attend?

DMC's, Planners, CVB's, DMO's, Hospitality Employees, etc. -- Anyone involved in the planning and/or execution of meetings and events will benefit from taking this course!

Attendees will gain an understanding of the many facets of emergency preparedness including:

  • Emergency Planning Mission with a focus on prevention, mitigation, and recovery
  • Basics of Emergency Operations Planning
  • Comprehensive, team approach to assist in building or revising an Emergency Operations Plan
  • Extensive scenarios to explore emergency situations and appropriate responses
  • Liability and Risk Management issues that can occur
  • Additional planning considerations and risk assessments tools
  • Current events and trends impacting the event and Destination Management industry
  • Satisfying Duty of Care relating to the health of meeting and event attendees
  • COVID-19 & Health Security
  • When to Consider On-Site Medical Support
  • The Business Case for Wellness Services
DMCP Certified

ADMEI is a CMP Preferred Provider. This program earns CMP Preferred Provider credit (8 credit hours).

Each participant receives a certificate which can be used for DMCP application or recertification.

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