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2022 Award Categories

2022 Awards Submission Deadline

Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards identify DMCs that excel in Destination Management services based on a specific set of criteria.

Best Community Support/Volunteerism  
This award recognizes a company that has shown initiative by engaging with their community by making a significant difference in the local community via support or volunteerism.

Best Décor/Design 
This award recognizes excellence and innovation in event design and décor. Design and décor products or services include, but are not limited to; room layout, theme, décor, floral/plant design, props, scenery, display design, drapery, furniture, linens, rentals, and overall interpretation and execution of the event's theme.

Best Destination Spotlight Video (new!)
This award recognizes the best video showing why groups should choose - or would love - your destination.  The video can be an existing or new video of site visits, fam trips, or destination reveals.  Maximum length:  3 minutes.  DMC branding permitted.  This entry is free of charge to submit.  ADMEI members will judge this category.  Spotlight videos may be shared throughout the year on ADMEI social media channels.

Best Entertainment
This award recognizes the best in entertainment with services that include procuring, producing, choreographing, and designing overall event entertainment.

Best Event 
This award recognizes DMC’s for their creativity and innovative use of resources to achieve the client’s goals and objectives. This category refers to a single event and its WOW factor and integration of the DMC core competencies, including but not limited to; décor/design, transportation, tours, team building, meeting management, entertainment, and audio-visual components.

Budget Levels:

  • Best Event - $200,000 an under
  • Best Event - Over $200,000

Best Event That Never Happened (new!)
This is a unique award for unique times and recognizes DMC creativity.  Submit any event or program that was designed but never happened.  Perhaps the event was cancelled due to the pandemic or it was so avant garde that no client has dared to do it (yet!).  Whatever the reason, it must be a design for an event that was never executed.

Best Group Activity (Team Building/CSR/Tour) 
This award recognizes the best creative group experience whether it be team building, CSR, a cultural and heritage experience, or a tour program.

Best Logistical Achievement
This award recognizes a DMC that has successfully overcome a logistical challenge where the boundaries of creative thinking must be pushed to their limits. Not limited to transportation logistics, this category includes anything required to execute a logistically challenging element of an event or program.

Best Overall Program
This award recognizes a program that brings the WOW factor into multiple disciplines of a DMC. Programs can be sales meetings, kick offs, incentive programs, etc.  Entries must include at least 3 different disciplines such as arrivals/departures, dine arounds, audiovisual/production, entertainment, event decor/design, team building/CSR, tours/activities, transportation, event management, entertainment, or program logistics.

Best Risk Management & Mitigation
This award recognizes excellence in risk and crisis management and mitigation and how DMCs prepare and respond to crisis or problems through the development of comprehensive emergency plans. The recent global pandemic is an excellent test of a DMC's abilities to manage complex situations.

Best Site Inspection/FAM Trip
This award recognizes excellence in the DMCs expert familiarity and creative showcase of their destination to meet the client’s objectives, history, requirements, and go beyond expectations for a potential program.  This can be an in-person or virtual site or FAM trip..

Best Use of Technology
This award recognizes excellence in innovation for:

  • Special event technical production, design, or execution that may include lighting, audio, multimedia production, staging, and special effects.
  • The latest technology used for enhancing a program that may include a dedicated client’s app, technical apparatuses, or a revolutionary system.

Best Virtual or Hybrid Event
This award recognizes excellence delivering an event that was held virtually in whole or part.

  • Submission must include elements focused on attendee engagement and production quality
  • Event can include meetings, teambuilding, networking, socials, awards, gamification, or any element of a typical DMC program .

Recognition Awards

Recognition Awards honor peers and industry leaders with special acknowledgement for their efforts and leadership.

ADMEI Volunteer of the Year
This award recognizes an individual whose valuable service and selfless commitment to ADMEI have made a significant difference in the advancement of ADMEI.  The award highlights the individual's actions to further ADMEI's mission through their talent and service.

Carol Norfleet Destination Management Rising Star
This award recognizes an individual who has been in the Destination Management industry for a minimum of one (1) year and a maximum of five (5) years.

Destination Management Professional of the Year
This award recognized an individual who has given their time, dedication, leadership, and knowledge towards the advancement of the Destination Management industry.

Hall of Fame | Lifetime Achievement Award
This award recognized an individual who has given their time, dedication, leadership, and knowledge towards the advancement of the Destination Management industry over their lifetime.  Additional criteria:

  • Must have been an active member of ADMEI for ten(10) or more consecutive years prior to consideration
  • Must be close to the end of their DMC career, with a minimum of 20 years within the industry
  • Must have earned their Destination Management Certified Professional Designation (DMCP)
  • Must have a distinguished record of achievement at the highest levels within their company, community, and the DMC industry, with consideration given to integrity, character, and service
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